Miss Molly's School of Manners

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想小朋友學懂以禮待人、明白用心耹聽的重要,怎樣和別人分享和學習承認錯誤並道歉? 快來帶小朋友到Miss Molly's School of Manners 吧!

透過小浣熊的有趣故事,配合精美的全彩色插圖及對話,讓小朋友像置身於Miss Molly的學校中,一同學習做一個乖孩子吧。

原本無禮貌又自私的小浣熊Algernon,進入Miss Molly's School of Manners會學到甚麼,牠會有甚麼改變呢? 

A charmingly illustrated picture book about a little raccoon called Algernon and his extraordinary day at Miss Molly’s school. Algernon’s manners are bad at first... but lessons in the Sharing Studio and Listening Carefully Lab, lunchtime in the Dining Hall, the Library’s lovely language books and Good Sports Day soon have a transformative effect.

 Hardback / For Ages: 3-5/ 32 pages