My First Story Writing Book

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有些小朋友滿腦子有天馬行空的想法,但到作文時就無法將所想的有系統地用文字表達出來;相反,有些小朋友做事很有條理,但卻欠了一點創意令寫作時不夠趣味。無論你的小朋友屬於哪一類,《My First Story Writing Book》都能燃點他們的創意,由角色描述、場景及故事開始、中段及結尾的舖排,一步一步的讓他們學習寫作;彩色的插圖設計,並不像一般的沉悶教科書,讓小朋友可隨時隨地帶出街創作他們的故事,令寫作充滿趣味!

Designed to ignite a child's imagination, this exciting write-in book is bursting with ideas to help young writers develop their skills. With helpful prompts and lots of space to write, this book takes children on a story-writing journey to help them develop characters and settings, as well as plot the beginning, middle and end of a story. There are also lots of fun activities for further inspiration, including word games and story mazes, as well as tips on writing descriptively and using similes and metaphors.


Hardback Spiral Bound / For Ages: 6-12 / 64 pages