My K2 Jumbo Book (For K3 Students in HK)

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My Jumbo Book 系列是新加坡出版,適合K1-K3幼兒的趣味學習冊,分K1,K2, K3三個階段,每本都包含有英文、數學及科學的相關的練習。

因新加坡K2等於香港K3,所以My K2 Jumbo Book是適合香港K3的小朋友。

書內共有300頁有趣的練習,包括Grammar, Comprehension, Rhyming Words, Living and Non-Living Things, Numbers 1-30, Addition and Subtraction, Size and Mass, Time等,透過不同的主題協助5-7歲小朋友在語言,數學及生活認知上打好基礎。

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My Nursery Jumbo Book is a fun activity book designed for preschoolers. It features 300 activity pages covering topics commonly taught in Nursery. These activities equip children with the knowledge and skills for the following learning areas:

1. Aesthetics and Creative Expression
2. Discovery of the World
3. Language and Literacy
4. Motor Skills Development
5. Numeracy
6. Social and Emotional Development

With its comprehensive and engaging exercises, My Jumbo Book is an ideal companion all year round for preschoolers.

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Paperback / For Ages: 5-7 / 304 pages