Phonics and Spelling Learning Fun Workbook (First Grade)

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此練習非常適合幼稚園或初學Phonics 的小朋友,全書都是全彩色的插圖及多元化的練習,為學習Phonics的幼兒增加趣味。

內容包括Consonant Blends, Digraph, Vowels, Word Families, Spelling等,學習Phonics 能為將來閱讀,串字及寫作打好基礎。

Learning Fun Workbook: Phonics and Spelling is a fun blend of skills practice and puzzles to help first graders succeed in spelling. Developed with education experts and aligned with school standards, this book covers digraphs, consonant blends, complex vowels, patterns, decoding skills and more through activities that kids will enjoy.

Highlights infuses Fun with a Purpose into this essential learning. Vibrant art and engaging prompts help first graders learn everything from short vowels to “er, ir, ur” sounds, all of which are incorporated into mazes, dot-to-dots, coloring activities, word searches, Hidden Pictures scenes and more. There's also a colorful certificate of achievement at the end of the book, to reward kids for a job well done.

Paperback / For Ages: 6-7 / 48 pages