Rainbow Magic: Layne the Surfing Fairy

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Rainbow Magic系列在英美深受幾乎每個女孩歡迎。書中內容充滿趣味,仙子魔法故事吸引,文字難度適中,能穩步提高英語閱讀能力,是非常適合小女孩早期閱讀的chapter books!

Join Rachel, Kirsty and the Gold Medal Games Fairies as they help make sure that surfing, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding events everywhere run smoothly!

When Rachel and Kirsty compete in the School Gold Medal Games, trouble seems to be around every corner. Naughty Jack Frost and his mischievous goblins are determined to sabotage the games and Rachel and Kirsty must do everything they can to help Layne the Surfing Fairy to save the surfing event.

Paperback / For Ages: 6-10/ 80 pages