Rainbow Magic: Maryam the Nurse Fairy

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Rainbow Magic系列在英美深受幾乎每個女孩歡迎。書中內容充滿趣味,仙子魔法故事吸引,文字難度適中,能穩步提高英語閱讀能力,是非常適合小女孩早期閱讀的chapter books!

Join Rachel and Kirsty as they meet Maryam the Nurse Fairy and help her to support Nurses all over the world.

Maryam the Nurse Fairy helps nurses in Fairyland and the real world to care for their patients. But when her magical fob watch is stolen, nurses everywhere become forgetful and unorganised. Can Rachel and Kirsty help Maryam to restore order to the hospitals before the nurses forget their patients?

Rainbow Magic is the perfect stepping stone for children to become independent readers. With black and white illustrations, short chapters and lots of books to collect, these books are really accessible for children aged 5+.

Paperback / For Ages: 6-10/ 80 pages