Rooster is Off to See the World

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Eric Carle 另一佳作《Rooster is Off to See the World》,一本很適合2-3歲開始閱繪本的小小孩。故事主角是一隻大公雞,他決定要去外面的世界探險,途中遇到了不同的朋友加入,最後公雞和動物們都想念自己的家,決定回到溫暖的窩裡。



Count along with Rooster in this Ready-to-Read edition of a favorite story from Eric Carle. One fine morning, a rooster sets off to see the world. Soon he's joined by two cats, then three frogs, then four turtles, then five fish. But one group by one, his new friends decide to head home, leaving the rooster alone again--and ready to return to his own comfortable home as well. With his colorful collage illustrations and text that introduces simple addition and subtraction, Eric Carle has created a beloved tale that's been adapted into a Level 1 Ready-to-Read, making it ideal for sharing aloud with emerging readers. 

Paperback / For Ages: 2-5 / 24 pages