Scholastic Early Learners: Letter Links Game

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一套由Scholastic出品,特別設計學前幼兒學習英語的盒裝遊戲。讓小朋友一邊玩,一邊認識大小字母英文字母、初階認識Phonics中的Vowels 和Consanants。在遊戲的過程中,更能鍛練小朋友的集中力及觀察力。

 附有QR code,讓家長們了解遊戲玩法。

Make learning fun with this new line of innovative games from Scholastic Early Learners. Develop reading skills, build recognition of lower and uppercase letters, and practice matching and observation skills with two fun letter-based games. 

Includes a QR-code to provide guidance to parents and players!

Games Boxset /For Ages: 3-5