Sight Word Readers

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這套書內含25本小書及1 本習作本,每本書的右上角就是sight words的重點。所謂sight words,就是兒童讀本中的常見字,因此認讀sight words便可為將來閱讀作準備。

有些媽媽問,家裡已有一大堆字咭,會否跟sight words重覆呢? 當然不會啦!Sight Word Readers內的字跟一般字咭學的字不同,字咭主要學名詞和動詞,sight word readers 內的是看起來沒有特殊意義,但其實是句子內文法結構的重要字詞!如:that, with, this, have, here....


Help your child soar in reading with this set of 25 little books that teach 50 of the most frequently used words in print! Kids will love these playful stories they can read all by themselves. You will love the fact that each one builds reading skills and confidence. Includes a mini-workbook filled with easy how-to's, fun activities, and write-and-learn pages to give kids practice writing the words too.