The Alien Next Door #9 The Marvelous Museum

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故事𥚃的主角Harris一向十分喜歡看科幻小說,因此很了解外星人的特徵及行為。有一天,一位新插班同學Zeke來到學校,他的行為喜好實在令Harris很好奇,更懷疑Zeke就是外星人!究竟 Zeke是否真的是外星人嗎?他能否和地球上的小朋友相處呢?如果你的同學是外星人,你又會怎樣做呢?



The Alien Next Door (4 Books in 1!)

The Alien Next Door #5-8

In the ninth book of the Alien Next Door series, Harris, Roxy, and Zeke have one more adventure at an marvelous alien museum before heading back to Earth!

 Harris, Roxy, and Zeke are hurtling back toward Earth after their adventure on Tragas. As they're playing games to fill the time, Zeke comes across a letter to his parents from the biggest, most famous museum in the galaxy. It's an invitation to an exhibit filled with research they did about Earth! Zeke begs his parents to go, and they decide there's enough time for one last stop on their trip before going back to Earth.

 Harris and Roxy are thrilled--what amazing things will they discover in this marvelous alien museum full of many galaxies' worth of wonders?

Paperback / For Ages: 6-10 / 104 pages