The Graveyard Riddle (Lisa Thompson)

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暢銷青少年小說《THE GOLDFISH BOY》姊妹作,一個關於理解、認識自我,到面對恐懼的溫馨故事。





Return to the wonderful characters of beloved, bestselling, award-winning THE GOLDFISH BOY, one of the most talked-about debut children’s books of recent years.

Melody Bird has discovered an old abandoned house in the corner of the graveyard, and a mysterious boy called Hal who is hiding out there…
Hal tells her that he’s a spy-in-training, using the house as a base for his undercover surveillance of a known local criminal.
Her friends Matthew and Jake don’t believe that a teenager would be entrusted with this mission and turn the tables to spy on him, uncovering secrets and unravelling a mystery as they go.

Paperback / For Ages: 10-12 / 343 pages