The Treasure Hunters (Lisa Thompson)

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暢銷書《The Goldfish Boy》作者Lisa Thompson 另一扣人心弦、引人入勝的作品

主角 Vincent 被迫與班上的其他三位同學一起參加週末戶外活動時,他發現其中一位同學隱藏了一個秘密:附近的一座山深處埋藏著海盜寶藏。因此,這原本無聊的旅行變成了一次激動人心的冒險!



A gripping, page-turning mystery adventure from the bestselling author of modern classic The Goldfish Boy

When lonely Vincent is forced to go on an outdoor activity weekend with three other kids from his class, he’s counting the seconds until he can escape home. But one of his classmates is hiding a secret: she’s convinced there’s pirate treasure buried deep within a nearby mountain. Suddenly, this boring trip becomes an exciting adventure! But a thief is hot on the trail, intent on stealing the loot for themselves… can the Treasure Hunters work together to stop them?A funny, moving story with a sensitive depiction of a hero with dyspraxia.

Paperback / For Ages: 10-12 / 336 pages