The Who Was? History of the World

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The New York Times 最暢銷的系列之一『The Who Was?』出版的『History of the World』,以一個嶄新的方法說世界歷史,非常適合初接觸歷史的高小學生。


Based on The New York Times Best-Selling series, this timeline of world history gives a fresh take on global events, from King Tut to Malala Yousafzai.

For the first time ever, the Who Was? subjects are gathered into a single title! The Who Was? History of the World is a journey along the timeline of history, noting the birthdays of 150 people in the series and what was happening in the world at that moment in time. Follow the timeline to learn who was doing what when, from the days of ancient Egypt, all the way up to the present.

Paperback  / For Ages: 8-12 / 176 pages