Zoom in Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal verbs 經常出現在日常英語運用中,因此如想在閱讀時明白phrasal verbs 的意思及在寫作時準確地運用,小朋友在英文科中必需學習的一個課題!

Phrasal verbs 千變萬化,有些更不能從字面上猜測到意思,一本易查易讀的工具書就不能缺少了!

《Zoom In Phrasal Verbs》是一本含數百個 Phrasal Verbs 的工具書,以英文字母排列,讓小朋友容易翻查;每一個 Phrasal Verbs 都有清𥇦解釋和數個例子說明,讓小朋友掌握怎樣運用。

Phrasal verbs are a basic and very important part of everyday English vocabulary. In order to understand, speak, read and write correct English, it is important to learn and master the use of phrasal verbs. There are hundreds of English phrasal verbs and their meanings cannot always be deduced from the meanings of the original verbs themselves. This is because phrasal verbs may have a literal and/or an idiomatic meaning. Additionally, many phrasal verbs have more than one meaning. This can be frustrating for students.

We have listed in Zoom In Phrasal Verbs those that, in our experience, are the most useful for classroom use. The phrasal verbs are listed in alphabetical order so each one is easy to find. The meaning(s) of each phrasal verb is/are explained, and examples of their use are given. 

We strongly recommend this book as an indispensable guide for this difficult, but important aspect of English grammar. 

Paperback / For Ages: 7-12 / 534 pages